Influencer Marketing or Today’s Cash Cow

If twenty years ago someone had told you you could spend all your time playing your favourite video game and earn around $16 million per year for game reviews, you’d have probably called this person nuts. Nowadays, welcome to DanTDM. He is the one who made this dream come true for himself. He started by scoping out Minecraft on Youtube, but soon engaged with other games. He is among thousands alike successful bloggers. Evan Fong earns approximately $15.5 million per year playing video games and posting his game reviews, according to Business Insider.

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Website vs Social Media: How to Reach Your Audience Online?

Today, the Internet and technologies constitute an immense part of the everyday life of ordinary people. For businesses, it means that they can reach their audience through this fantastically promising channel of acquisition.

Many entrepreneurs face a dilemma: should I get a social media account or a full website? The answer, to a large extent, will depend on your business niche. However, there are common patterns that all the business owners should mind. Read More