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Must Groups To Be for Every Marketer

Professionals require self-improvement and learning new standards to be aware of modern trends. For centuries, people gathered in one place to share their ideas and to trade secrets. In the 21st century, this is done as easily as pressing a button. If you are eager to discuss industry-related topics and avoid a trip to some business forum, you can find a golden mine in social networks. It can be a personal blog, a social group or a randomly forwarded article from a friend; the only important thing is content. Read More

Influencer Marketing or Today’s Cash Cow

If twenty years ago someone had told you you could spend all your time playing your favourite video game and earn around $16 million per year for game reviews, you’d have probably called this person nuts. Nowadays, welcome to DanTDM. He is the one who made this dream come true for himself. He started by scoping out Minecraft on Youtube, but soon engaged with other games. He is among thousands alike successful bloggers. Evan Fong earns approximately $15.5 million per year playing video games and posting his game reviews, according to Business Insider.

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