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Website vs Social Media: How to Reach Your Audience Online?

Today, the Internet and technologies constitute an immense part of the everyday life of ordinary people. For businesses, it means that they can reach their audience through this fantastically promising channel of acquisition.

Many entrepreneurs face a dilemma: should I get a social media account or a full website? The answer, to a large extent, will depend on your business niche. However, there are common patterns that all the business owners should mind. Read More

The Next Web Conference: Publbox Experience & Is It Worth Going

the next web conference (Amsterdam)

For a long time, Amsterdam has been considered the heart of European startups, and in 2016, it was officially recognized as the European Capital of Innovation. Outperforming 35 other cities, Amsterdam became the leader, “due to the development of startup infrastructure, high standards of living, quick growth and implementation of digital technologies.” It is not surprising one of the largest European hi-tech event, The Next Web Conference, has been connecting the global startup community in Holland since 2006. Read More