Google+ Shutdown. R.I.P.

G+ shutdown

April 2, 2019 personal accounts on Google+ will be suspended

Dear PublBox users!

Due to shutting down Google+, PublBox is about to switch off posting on this social networking platform.

January 30, Google announced that Google+ for personal accounts would be shut down on April 2, 2019. At the same time, other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive among others, will remain available.

You can learn more details, timelines and shutdown procedure of this social network from Google’s official statement.

Some restrictions have already entered into force. As from February 4, one cannot create Google+ profiles, pages, communities and events.

The Google+ Sign-In button on PublBox will be replaced by the Google Sign-In one in a short while. To sign up or sign in to PublBox you can also choose other options like Facebook account or email.

“It’s a pity Google decided to shut down Google+. I’d like to remind you that PublBox users can go on effectively managing their accounts and pages on social networks, enjoying scheduled posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other mainstream networks. In addition, you have a full access to our advanced tools and features like Content Strategist, Post Advisor, Graphic Designer, Post Scheduler and Results Analyzer. They will allow you to arrange and automate the entire social media activities from creating and designing posts up to scheduling them for the date and time you want. You will get expert tips and ready-made content to improve the efficiency of your social media accounts”, as assured by Alex Stefanovic, CEO at PublBox.

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