The Next Web Conference: Publbox Experience & Is It Worth Going

the next web conference (Amsterdam)

For a long time, Amsterdam has been considered the heart of European startups, and in 2016, it was officially recognized as the European Capital of Innovation. Outperforming 35 other cities, Amsterdam became the leader, “due to the development of startup infrastructure, high standards of living, quick growth and implementation of digital technologies.” It is not surprising one of the largest European hi-tech event, The Next Web Conference, has been connecting the global startup community in Holland since 2006. Read More

How to Promote Your Product or Service Through Influencers

It’s not easy to stand out from the large flow of world-famous brands that have proven themselves a long time ago. You need constantly monitor trends in the advertising world and use different types of promotion in order to stay competitive. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways at the moment. It’s such type of advertising, when brands promote their products or services on social networks with the help of influencers, or, as they also called, content creators. Read More

PublBox is the #1 Product of The Day on Product Hunt

Social Media tools market is actively growing and presents us with incredible new products for leading successful marketing campaigns in social networks. However, the hidden hazard is we need to devise fresh ideas and engaging content every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to create absolutely unique texts and attractive visuals using a great varieties of special design tools and content programs. This is the innovative PublBox service comes to the rescue. It’s a real lifesaver for SMBs, bloggers, and regular users looking for an easy, one place social media management tool with an array of useful features to organize, automate and design content across all major social networks. Read More

Do’s and Don’ts in SMM

Right Way to SMM

Today, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the hottest and most powerful promotional tools for businesses. SMM makes it possible not only to build a strong reputation for a company, but also allows you to establish effective communication with customers and users providing them with the latest news of your brand. Read More