25 Free Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a particularly amazing social media platform where visual engagement and appeal are essential. Read on to discover 25 free ways to increase your Instagram following!

  1. Use hashtags that are known to help increase followers: you can browse through relevant hashtags to see which ones are most popular, and even use services such as hashtagify.me to check out the trendiest hashtags every day in any given niche.
  2. Like and comment on other users’ photos: interaction can lead to an increase in terms of followers on Instagram. People love to see that you care about their content and profile, and they will often return the favor.
  3. Hold a contest on Instagram: many companies host giveaways and other contests through their Instagram accounts: this idea might help you drive a bigger audience to your page.
  4. Promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts and profiles: Synergy is key with social media. Keep your various account working together to promote one another swiftly!
  5. Use popular hashtags so your images get found in search: never underestimate the power of tagging image, and use at least 4 to 6 popular hashtags to help people find your pictures quickly!
  6. Post photos at 2am or 5pm. Research shows that these are the most effective times to post: When posting content to Instagram, it is quite clever to understand the best timing to connect with your audience.
  7. Remember that quality beats quantity. Edit your account to leave only the best images. No one wants to follow someone with thousands of pointless images of food or other random shots: if you post a dozen of images a day, people will soon get bored and you might risk that they will unfollow you. When browsing through your feed, it is so annoying when someone just takes a dozen pictures a day and always clutters up the space! Too much exposure is bad.
  8. Ask questions in the captions of your photos. This is a great way to increase engagement: you might spark some interesting reaction and some cool user engagement.
  9. Use calls to action in your photo captions. Get your followers engaged by asking them to take further action: it’s important to get your audience to interact with you, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll come off as pushy or needy.
  10. Don’t be afraid to post often: posting often is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as there is still substance into what you are posting!
  11. Use geotagging, especially if you’re a local business: people will find you a lot easier and you can tap into the local community to find new followers near you. Geotagging is a crazy useful feature!
  12. Combine multiple photos into a collage for maximum engagement: this will allow you to create beautiful and powerful images offering highlights to your viewers.
  13. Use faces in your photos. Dan Zarella found that images with faces received 35% more likes than those without: people simply love to see what you are up to and humans respond well to…humans!
  14. Tag people in your photos when relevant: if possible, never underestimate the feature of tagging other users involved in your pictures. You might also grow your network this way.
  15. Create a branded hashtag: this is a great way to appear unique and strengthen the power of your brand.
  16. Share behind-the-scenes photos: people love to feel like you are giving some cool exclusive insights into your world!
  17. Share user-generated images: memes and similar user-generated images are often fun and engaging, and definitely worth sharing.
  18. Use a photo editing tool like PublBox Design Editor: this will help you take your content to the next level and really stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Promote your Instagram username on your physical marketing materials: never forget to print your Instagram handle (username) on your promotional items in the physical world, including business cards, fliers, brochures and so on.
  2. Tell a story. Use your image captions to tell an engaging story: this way, people will be more interested in hearing from you and following your posts.
  3. Post image quotes: this is always a strong idea to inspire and engage people. Everyone loves a powerful quote.
  4. Network with Instagram influencers: influencers have a huge following, and if you manage to network with them, they’ll surely be able to help you grow.
  5. Arrange co-promotions with other users: just like you, other users might be looking to grow on Instagram. Work together for mutual benefits!
  6. Plan, prepare and then act. As with most things in life, being intentional is your best chance at success. Make a plan for how you’re going to use Instagram, then create a schedule to keep yourself on track: It’s always a matter of being organized and staying grounded in order to make the most out of things.
  7. Use PublBox for posting: this is the most seamless, quick and effective solution to manage your Instagram posts and schedule your content easily. With PublBox, the process is extremely streamlined and very intuitive.

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