Once You’re Short of Social Media Marketing Budget, but Want It Badly

How to replace the whole team with one automation engine

Social media has progressed to the point of becoming a must-have tool for businesses of any size. Indeed, ignoring Facebook and Instagram stands for missed contacts and customers, and therefore lost money. Even non-profit entities need publicity, and it’s not worth missing such a promising platform to attract audience and communicate. Read More

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan in 5 Steps

Social media marketing campaigns are growing extremely popular and they are acquiring a central role in the way many products or services are marketed to the general public. Millions of people use social media websites on a daily basis, sharing content with their friends and families, as well as networking with people in their communities. It was only natural for marketing to catch up and take advantages of this stunning promotional opportunity. Discover how to create a social media marketing content plan in 5 simple steps! Read More

How to Get Inspired: 5 Simple Tips

Social media professionals are human too, and they also can be exhausted. Here are the top services for generating new ideas.

A social media content manager is like a sophisticated machine, with a well-tuned text production process. He puts out huge volumes of content, which varies in emotions and subjects. But what do you do when something fails in the creative mechanism? There is no worthy idea, the rhythm of the work is lost, and you feel too lazy to press a key. It’s here that the almighty Internet and its useful services come to the rescue. Read More

Instagram on Your PC! Ask Me How

Today, Instagram, a free mobile application for posting and sharing photos, is becoming more popular every day. Users are so fond of Instagram that they want to share their photos not only from mobile phones, but also from PCs or laptops. However, the application does not have this function. In this article, we will show you how to bypass the system and upload photos from any device in about two clicks. Read More

The Best and Worst Posting Times on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

How to determine the ideal time for posting on popular social media to collect the maximum number of likes, get the greatest coverage and capture your audience

The experts have lengthily and energetically studied the issue of when, and what, is better to post so that your publication will be seen by as many people as possible. Today, we have hundreds of studies carried out, billions of posts analyzed, and thousands of suggestions written.

Although there are general rules and suggestions that truly work (later on, we will definitely feature them), two things need to be clearly understood. Read More

How Not to Lose Your Business: 6 Fatal Marketing Mistakes on Social Media

Social networking carries a number of risks; it’s better to be aware of them before starting work.

Mistake #1. Equivocation

You are not your target audience (TA). That is why the posts on your business profile should be well-liked by followers and prospective customers, and not you.

The risk of falling into the classical distortion of “I dislike it, so the target audience does,” is particularly high for small and medium-sized businesses, where executives are fully involved in all processes. They focus not as much on knowledge and experience, as on their beliefs about communication and target audience. Unfortunately, it often turns out that posts by such communities are interesting only to the director and his staff. Read More